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Hello my name is Bill Murphy and I am the Editor and Chief of Beyond  Limits Magazine and BillMurphy.tv.  I want to welcome you to come with me on an adventure of discovering what you are capable in this world. The experience I want for you when you come to the site, visit our Facebook page, interact with us on Twitter, subscribe to us on Kindle is to feel and  know that you have arrived at a place where you can explore what is possible  through reading about others like you. Their journeys are not your own, but it  is my intention that you will be inspired to step out of limitation and into  possibility and re-capture a vision for your life that may have atrophied and  shrunken. Your concept of yourself can be expansive and will be broadened reading our stories. 
My bio: Entrepreneur who has come from utter failure to owning businesses generating millions…….. businesses he owns, but don’t own him. A blessed husband, Father of 3, soccer coach of two, 6 x firewalker, 2 x Ironman finisher, Survival school adventurer, Tae kwon do blackbelt, Spelunker of the Spirit, and Mindfuless Meditator.
Launched in late 2010, Beyond Limits Magazine is one of a kind.  We want to know what our readers like most here, so we can deliver more to you!  If you have a story you would like to share or have a suggestion for the magazine, please contact us here 
Shaping the Self
“We shape our work, and then, not surprisingly, we are shaped
again by the work we have done. Sometimes, to our distress,
we find ourselves in a place where the work seems to be doing
all the shaping, where we don’t seem to be able to lift
ourselves out of the mud of our own making, where we don’t
feel able to shape ourselves at all. At this point no strategy will
free us from our imprisonment…”
Excerpt from Crossing the Unknown Sea by David Whyte

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  1. Bob Samara at | | Reply

    Hey Murph I am so proud of you.

  2. Vero Geoffroy at | | Reply

    You should contact Solidream. These are 3 guys who just cycled the world for 3 years and who prove, one more time, that with trust and friendship, you can really go beyond limits.
    They are back in France now, they all speak a very good English and will be happy to be interviewed.
    You can contact them on my behalf. They deserve some publicity and they have super positive values to share.
    Morgan Monchaud
    +33 7 81 61 25 00
    I am sure you will love them!
    kind regards

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