March 2013

The Stuff - For Racing And Life

The Stuff – For Racing And Life

Many of us are amateur or age-group runners or triathletes. People look at us out there on the roads in our spandex, putting in miles and miles in all kinds of weather and wonder what in the world would ever possess us to do what we do. Dr. Alan Viau, who ran his first triathlon at 35 was soon after… Read more →

Every Journey Begins With The First Steppe... Part Three

Every Journey Begins With The First Steppe… Part Three

During our stay in Turkistan, we were lucky enough to meet some of the most devout Sufi followers of Akhmed Yasawi. These men believed that praying only five times a day was not sufficient homage to Allah, and they also practiced two additional, longer prayers each day. These extra prayers were a series of poems sung and chanted while sitting around in a circle (as it would have been in a yurta), grunting and head-banging. Each session would last about 45 minutes, and would send each participant into a trance-like state. Afterward the men and women looked exhilarated but at the same time thoroughly exhausted – we were wondering where they’d find the energy for the rest of their day’s duties after that!

Every journey begins with the first steppe... Part 2

Every journey begins with the first steppe… Part 2

Knowing that we needed to stop soon anyway due to nightfall, and with him confirming that he had drinking water at his house, we accepted his invitation to stay with him without question. The challenge now was to maneuver our way around the patchy camelthorn maze to his abode. It took a good half hour, and we surely must have appeared a sight with our inching forward and backtracking across the steppe, but when we were within a few hundred metres we exclaimed with joy as the true shape of the tent-thing became clear. We had finally found one – a real yurta.

Every Journey Begins With The First Steppe - Part One

Every Journey Begins With The First Steppe – Part One

The idea of the project was to venture to those lands unknown to the Australian populace and much of the Western world, and to explore and document their different lifestyles, traditions, and cultures. In Australia, many people, and from a very young age, just follow cultural norms without questioning anything they do. Running water and reliable electricity are taken for granted, a life of comfort is expected, and contentment is all too often sought from material possession. We wanted to use this project as a template to explore other ideas for living, and to question our own beliefs and cultural norms.

Believing Her Way Back

Believing Her Way Back

My body suffered from the massive trauma and devastating effects of a blood clot in my left leg that broke free, travelled through my heart and lodged in my left lung. I went from running nearly daily to not being able to walk, stand, use the bathroom or even breathe on my own. I could barely eat on my own.