Jini Reddy

Jini Reddy
Before the fast

Jini Reddy is a journalist writing on travel, the outdoors, personal development and other kaleidoscopic ‘stuff’ for newspapers and magazines. She’s especially fond of natural landscapes and off-beat journeys, and travels in search of those precious, unpredictable, exhilarating moments when she feels connected to something greater than herself.

Her job has led to some vivid experiences. Highlights include treks to the Living Root Bridges in India’s Meghalaya state and the ruins of Guatemala’s El Mirador (the latter in the company of a moody, pistol-toting jungle patroller), a solo fast in the Sinai Desert, tea and hugs with the women of Pakistan’s Kalasha tribe, eagle-hunting in Kyrgyzstan, fortune-telling in Shiraz, Iran, cycling in the wilds of Quebec, sea-kayaking off Britain’s Cornish coast and more. She grew up in Montreal,Canada and lives in London, England.




Jini Reddy’s Top 5 Tips for Living a Life Beyond Limits


1. You don’t have to fit the stereotype of an adventurer to blaze a trail. It’s up to you to decide who you want to be.

2. Is your desire to embark on a venture about ego or a deeper yearning? It’s so much more enriching to do things from the heart.

3. Don’t give up. Perservere. Have faith.

4. If your trip doesn’t go to plan, don’t panic. As what’s-his-name once said: learn to embrace the detours.

5. Pack snacks! Nothing worse than being in the middle of nowhere and starving. (Unless you’re fasting!)


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